Foto: Bernd Ahrens

born in Austria/ persian roots/ grown up in Germany/ lived in Spain, USA, Iran, France, Italy/ studies: business administration, economics, languages (english, french, spanish) & acting & arts; thesis: „The meaning of event marketing“/ career: interpreter, actress, voice over, presenter, teacher ...

... living as an artist in Cologne, Germany since 2000

About my WORK:

I decided to work only on and with transparent material (at least until now.. who knows what tomorrow will bring!).

I decided to only WRITE my work (okay, sometimes I also play with colours... and sometimes I use dots over dots, as they are elements of letters).

I love letters, in particular the latin letters, I love language and communication (letters are the atoms of our language!).

I love to create multidimensional artworks (all of my artworks consist of 1 to 5 layers).

I love for light to permeate and pass through  my work (it is essential for many of my works).

I love the hidden message!

I love to tell stories, that’s why I also produce series (that makes it sometimes hard for the purchaser, as he or she has to pay more, bad for him or her, good for me!)

I love to sell my arts to good hearts and souls who really appreciate arts and the challenging life of an artist! 

I love human beings (...even though I sometimes think that people are a „faulty design“!)

And finally I love my work!

Do you have any more questions? Please contact me!